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I Bought this....

Can Anyone guess why i'm so freakin Excited?

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I'll tell You - and for 2 Reasons.

A) - this lot of Doujinshi has Sense By M-Blem Boo Works (Mercury Cover), which i've never seen for sale before. Never even seen the cover on information/ collection sites. and it has Sigh By M-Blem book Works (Neptune Cover) which i've seen for sale but not for a LOOONG time.

B) - By Owning these 2 books i now own every M-Blem / Boo works Doujinshi. (To my knowledge)

I'm very grateful to the person who decided to bid and Not B-I-N these. It will cost me an arm and a leg but so worth it!

To see other Books by M-Blem Go here:
SM Cute

Dolls Update


As much as i would ADORE a Dollfie Dream or some sort of Dollfie, i figured $500 + on one doll was a steeeeeep amount when there is bills to be paid and food to be put on the table.
(With the exception of my $500 Nakayoshi Sailor Chibi Moon Baby doll XD )

and while randomly Browsing the internet as i do, i found and fell in love with Moxie Teenz Instead.

14" High, about 35 cm, They come in 4 personality's / Characters. I Did some research, i LOVE (Tristan) but from reviews she seems to have a Head mold Issue (Her wig, and possibly all wigs are loose and fall off easily) which is sad, but i suppose you can use a Liv Wig and it will stay - just Liv wigs are not as long as moxie wigs.

So i chose (Melrose)  Weird name. Davo Renamed my girl. Meet Angela <3


The first pic is how i first styled her hair, but the elastic's were not strong enough and her odango's kept falling out.
The second pic is how it's styled now. This style also covers the Blond Pixie Cut of the head mold. BTW it's a Liv doll Wig.

As for Dressing her - No one seems to be selling Extra Moxie Outfits, and besides the Fashion Packs, there's not much else to dress them in. so i Bought a 1/4  - 45 cm Dollfie dress and will see how that fits. might work with small alterations here or there. Worst scenario possible, i'm just going to have to make some doll clothes :P

And becuase it was Saturday Night, and Mio and Yuki Got New dresses - My Liv Girls raided their extensive wardrobe for outfits to go out in......


Hanako, Ada   -   Ava, Lia

Kana and Kira


Maya and Ari.

Hanako Convinced Ari to Cut and colour her hair for March. Leukaemia Foundation (Be brave and Shave (Or colour your hair) )

Later I'll post Mio and Yuki's New Dresses, and introduce my New Girls Dana and Isobelle <3
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Customizing Dolls


My Semi - Finished Customized Barbie <3 Not named as yet. i need to find some water proof sealing spray stuff so that the decal eyes/brows stay on. The Left eye has a bubble effect/ loose at the edge which i'm hoping the spray will help.....

Anyway, to Acheive this i used lots of Nailpolish remover (With Acetone) i had to put some on a cotton wipe and hold it in place then slightly rub/wipe off Barbie's old Face and Lips. She still has some Lipstick/tooth paint in the corner's of her mouth i can't seem to get out yet.

got to be careful though. this was my second attempt at face wiping. either Bratz Dolls have too much Paint, or my attempt was awful. the bratz doll is wiped - but has lots of smudges >_< Pics Later for her :P

Anyway my Attempt was to make a Custom Adachi Momo doll from Peach girl (this doll has the killer legs for her <3 ) But the decals i had don't match - but she looks pretty anyway right?
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Deputy Doll Dress Service

Deputy Doll Dress Service

If interested in any of these Doll Dresses, Please let me know, i will purchase for you and send it <3

Each dress is $5, Shipping Est $7 (per item, message for combined shipping)

Any Questions - just ask :D


"Snow Princess" 
Comes with Dress and Bag As shown.
Blue, Purple
(White coming soon)




"School Tartan"
Colour design Varies - Straps in A are green, Straps in B are Red
Comes with Dress and Hat as Shown
A is Original Dress, B is my Customized Short Version
If you wish me to shorten it as seen in B Please make a note, otherwise you get the original Dress shown in A


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New Doujinshi Finds <3

All Buy it now. Some were pretty expsensive, but must have!


Unknown Artist / Circle. Snapped it up for the Cover Art


Love Stolies - Riko Takehara Compliation book. I probably have some of them Individually, but i love her art!

Onanoko ?? Final - Pale Lilac/ Easy. MUST have!

Cafe Latte - Kiddy Land i Love their Ami x Zoicite Stories


Bloomin - Nekono Bindume. one i've never seen before!