saigo_no_oni (saigo_no_oni) wrote,

Collection Updates - New Wins

I Love the fact the i have discovered and Love older animes.... Makes for cheap items...

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Stationary Planner - 10 Yen

Jeanne Character Watch - 50 yen

And some more Fullmoon/Jeanne Doujinshi. i now own all 3 Seed Doujinshi, Some Cute Jeanne Doujinshi, and funny enough, 2 x innocent child doujin >w< they can sell for 5000 yen on their own... i got mine for 900 and in a bulk lot for 3500...

Speaking of, it's lucky i won the doujin. i think i put my limit at 3500 and thats what it ended at >w< Lucky!~!!!

Now to work more and pay them off lol....

off to bed, night all!!!
Tags: anime manga, auctions, collection update, doujinshi, ebay yahoo japan, full moon sagashite, fullmoon sagashite, kamikaze kaitou jeanne, sagashite, toys
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