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Sailor Moon Sales

The "Buy it - before i change my mind!" Sailormoon Sale

Shipping is from Australia
Airmail takes 3- 10 days
Message me with what you want + Location for shipping quotes

Prices are Negotiable, but please don't take offence if i reject your offer/s



Sailormoon Artbook Vol 2 - Bootleg
$35 OBO

Creases/Wear along the Slip edge, Small Tears at top right and left bottom of slip, Small dent on book cover

Otherwise fair condition



Sailormoon Artbook Vol 3 - Bootleg
$40 OBO

Slip is good, Inside cover has some marks/wear, inside is excellent


Sailormoon mini puzzle Sealed
$10 OBO


Sailormoon figures
Make offers

All come as is, Venus/Mercury loose figures are keychains - minus their chain part. came as so.


Sailormoon keychain plush
$5 OBO

Venus bow has come loose needs glue. otheriwse all good condition,
Jupiter without Tag might be bootleg.




Sailormoon Teaset Pieces
$3 Loose / each
$5 Sealed / each

all fair condition (loose)
Sealed are excellent



Chara Talk Mars x 2
Musical Fuku - $50 OBO
Golden Princess - $40 OBO

I Originally paid about $50 each for these.
Golden Princess mars came as so
Musical Mars - this is NOT Her Original Fuku, both doll and dress are mashed up together.

BOTH dolls Voice work Perfectly. i tested it when i got it, and they have not had batteries since.


Sailor Mars Doll
$25 OBO

Comes with all shown. Will look for her stand before shipping it out



Customized Setsuna Meioh Doll
$40 OBO

Dress and doll bought seperatly. Box Included Upon request :)


Sailor Pluto Doll
$30 OBO

Comes with all shown, only as shown.
excellent condition,


Misc Dolls
$15 each OBO

Jupiter - mish mash bandai and Musical fuku, missing shoes
Mercury - Mish Mash bandai and musical fuku. her hair is pretty fuzzy
Mercury 2 - Mish mash bandai and Beauty change Fuku, missing one glove and shoes
Venus - Bandai doll. comes as is, (with shoes)


Queen Beryl Irwin doll
$40 OBO

Only Doll and the staff have been removed from the box, everything else is still sealed in box


Prince Endymion and Emerald Irwin dolls
$35 each OBO

Doll removed from box and displayed in cabinent - great condition on both


Irwin Yellow Box Chibiusa + Fuku, Luna P, Wand Etc. Only missing a doll!!!

Irwin Chibiusa Fuku - Shoes, dress, Tiara, Gloves etc

Make offers!!!


Sailormoon Red polyester Fabric

i think it was like 152 x 72 or something

$15 OBO


Thanks for stopping by!

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