saigo_no_oni (saigo_no_oni) wrote,

I Bought this....

Can Anyone guess why i'm so freakin Excited?

stars_svv-img600x335-1343297042rhbwth76826      stars_svv-img600x357-1343297042jr6ccj76826

I'll tell You - and for 2 Reasons.

A) - this lot of Doujinshi has Sense By M-Blem Boo Works (Mercury Cover), which i've never seen for sale before. Never even seen the cover on information/ collection sites. and it has Sigh By M-Blem book Works (Neptune Cover) which i've seen for sale but not for a LOOONG time.

B) - By Owning these 2 books i now own every M-Blem / Boo works Doujinshi. (To my knowledge)

I'm very grateful to the person who decided to bid and Not B-I-N these. It will cost me an arm and a leg but so worth it!

To see other Books by M-Blem Go here:
Tags: auctions, doujinshi, ebay yahoo japan, rare, sailor moon, sailor moon doujinshi
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